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Reasons to love Sukka: #8 Their Flirting

Suki: And look at you, sleeveless guy. Been working out?
Sokka: Ahhh, I’ll grab a tree branch and do a few chin touches every now and then. Nothing major.

One thing about Suki and Sokka that I adore is how serious they are and yet playful at the same time.  They have such a good and balanced relationship, even with the war going on.

What is great about this scene is that it expands on their playful side.  It shows that they aren’t all about the serious stuff.  It also shows that Suki isn’t trying to take away Sokka’s funny side.  She can be just as playful as he is.  Sure, she tends to be more serious, but that isn’t a bad thing.  She isn’t sitting there telling him how to act.  She’s just helping him become the man he wants to be by helping him grow and supporting him.

Here Suki can’t help but remember how attracted she is to Sokka, an she isn’t one to hide things.  She figures that kiss on the cheek is proof enough that she has feelings for him, so why hide it.  Suki is such a strong character, and isn’t afraid or ashamed of her emotions and feelings.  She puts things out there, which is something many other people are scared to do.  It just shows what a strong female character she is.  Not only is she an amazing warrior, but she’s also strong emotionally.

And, Sokka can’t help but bask in the admiration.  A cute girl thinking he’s hot?  A cute girl like Suki thinking he’s hot?  Yeah, he can live with that.  Not to mention, he starts to open his heart back up after losing Yue.  Seeing Suki again reminds him that love isn’t something out of reach for him.

But really, this is a scene that shows what a great couple they’ll become in the future.  They be strong and loving, and most important, they’ll have fun as a couple.  So not only is their relationship built on respect, which leads to the strongest relationships, but it’s full of fun, which makes for a long-lasting relationship.

Almost forgot to add: look at her giving him those bedroom eyes.  She’s so undressing him with her eyes in this scene.  Hey!  She likes what she sees!  Can you blame her?

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