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Reasons to love Sukka: #7 Their Reunion

If there’s one thing these two are pro at, it’s reunions. Their reunions aren’t just “HEY! Long time no see!” No. Their reunions are as funny and amazing as they are.

What’s so great about this is the fact that neither of them thought they’d ever see each other again.  In their minds, their love was supposed to be a one time thing that the war would never let happen, but here they are, together again.

This also gives us a chance to see Suki’s playful side, a way to show that she really is a good match for Sokka.  She isn’t someone who is just trying to make him this perfect warrior and take away an important part of his personality; she’s a girl who is trying to make him stronger and become a better warrior, which is really important to Sokka.  

Then there’s Sokka, who is basically freaking out right now.  Here he really thinks he’s in trouble, but, of course, he isn’t.  And then this random stranger (a very good looking stranger) kisses him.  It just takes that kiss for Sokka to remember it’s Suki.  A single kiss is enough to jog his memory and remember who this girl is.  A single kiss left that much of an impression on him, which shows how strong their connection is.  

And once Sokka realizes who this is, he’s the happiest guy on the planet.  This girl who he thought he never see is back in his life, and he basically thinks he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

Suki and Sokka do reunions right.  There’s an ounce of silly and a whole lot of love.  It shows their playful side and shows the kind of couple they’ll become when their older.  They’re gonna have some pretty lucky kids, who are going to be embarrassed all the time by mom and dad.

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