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Welcome to Fan and Boomerang. A tumblr all about the relationship between Sokka and Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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  Anonymous said:
As a Tokka shipper I am sorry the bad apples send you hate. You don't deserve hate and Suki is an awesome character! (Tokka is my OTP, but my number 1 femslash ship I adore is Sutoph ;3)

I love Sutoph too… though most people don’t seem to like it. They’d rather make them enemies, while I rather have them as buddies or super awesome girlfriends.

Super awesome girlfriends that kick ass together are the best.

  cruciodatass said:
sukka shippers are small but we're passionate as hell. i won't rest until we get confirmation that our ship is endgame. i'm tempted to straight up msg bryke and ask them why the hell haven't we even heard about suki's whereabouts yet.

  fan-and-sword said:
I don't know how to reply to replies, but I agree -- I was thinking it was the protecting Korra thing too. And that'd be very fitting for Sokka.

Honestly,that would be the best death for him, and it would be GREAT story telling and just make for a great plot, and just perfection. SAD! But Really good. I’m really hoping Sokka died while protecting Korra.

  elvyralani said:
People are saying Sokka had no kids since there was no southern watertribe chief. Him and Suki probably had only daughters who are at Kyoshi though.

That is a rather good headcanon, and maybe that’s why we haven’t seen them - they’re on Kyoshi Island. GREAT IDEA!

  Anonymous said:
Why is everybody always assuming that Suki died young that's why there's no Korra references yet? Tbh I personally believe that she's (and possibly Mai) gonna show up late in Korra in all their glorious old-lady badassness and hand out bad guys' asses to themselves Bryke's just wanting to drop this bomb on us

And how beautiful would that be? That would be so amazingly awesome. UGH! I wish, but I highly doubt it’s going to happen.


  Anonymous said:
what if the reason why Suki and Sokka's child isn't in the south or north pole or become chief is because their child married Zuko's daughter and is busy helping her rule the fire nation? idk thats my head cannon

I like this idea. It’s a beautiful headcanon of beauty! You’re an amazing anon!


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BEHOLD WANG FIRE!!! I rewatched Book 3 of ATLA, and it’s my favorite because..well..just look at him.